It's in our Jeans <3

The hottest Fall 2020 trend and our theory on how it came about…

Comfort is key this fall. Most of us have been holed up at home for the majority of the year, and we may finally be getting out, but we are realizing we may not want to jeopardize our comfort as much as we had prior to quarantine. This is evident in the upcoming trends emerging this fall.

Jeans are great for sure, but throw away those skinny jeans and hit the thrift store for your classic mom or boyfriend jeans. The loose fit is in.  Pair with a simple tank and fun oversized button-up for an effortless look that is perfect for running errands or grabbing lunch with the girls (mask included of course! Take it to the next level with some fun sleeves

Check out our many oversized shirt options to style with your next denim look today. Also be sure to grab one of our adorable matching embroidered masks while you’re at it!! Tag us in your next #avaniootd look @avanidelamourofficial to show us what you’ve got – mention our blog and we will even feature your photo!!

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