The One Size Fits Most Gift to Your Loved Ones or Yourself

Jewelry, also spelled jewellery in some areas of the world, is commonly know at decorative items for for personal adornment.  Throughout history jewelry has been made of metals such as gold and silver but in more modern times have expanded to include plant materials, shells, and even more recently epoxies and enamels.  Mixed with the metals you will find gemstones, natural materials (such as coral and turquoise and, and manmade materials from plastic beads to lab grown diamonds.
If you buy jewelry from Avani Del Amour we can assure you that you will be investing in a long lasting quality product.  With the launch of our earring collection, we have introduced our first foray into jewelry on our online boutique.  Each beautiful piece is nickel free eco coated 18 kt gold plated.  The collection is a mixture of semi-precious stones and engineered colored gems.  All jewelry pieces are elegantly packaged in a feminine satin jewelry bag and shipped with care.  No matter what you select you will be impressed with the quality and craftsmanship put into every piece.  
Our jewelry is crafted with the same care and attention to detail as every piece of clothing in our collection.  If you are having issues picking out clothing for yourself or someone you love, buy jewellery from our collection and give the gift that fits everyone!  Our jewelry is classy, beautiful and can add the perfect pop to someone’s wardrobe.  
So if you are stuck at home in your sweats and working in the home office, throw on a pair of Avani Del Amour earring to jazz up your next Zooom meeting, or your next telemedicine visit, or even your Face Time happy hour with friends.  These beauties are sure to have your friends asking where you got your #AvaniStyle.  Wear your Avani jewelry and be sure to tag us @avanidelamourofficial!

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