The Tall or Short Tales of the Tunic

a.k.a. that piece of clothing where you are like “is this a shirt or is it a dress?”  

Good news – it can be both!! 

Anyone 5’5” and below can comfortably wear a tunic as a long shirt or a short dress!

All my taller ladies out there do not fretAvani has you covered! With the ability to adjust most of our tunics to off-the-shoulder, they double as a mini dress for those as tall as 5’9” (height of model featured) although we definitely recommend some hot pants underneath to avoid any mishaps 👀 

The best thing about these bad boys is they are perfect for transitional weather. Wear as a dress for those hotter days, slap on a pair of jeans or cute tights as it gets cooler out. Then pair with a thigh-high boot and you are fall ready!  

Thanks for checking in! Stay tuned for some other fun ways to style our staple pieces.  

What other kind of content would you like to see from us? Comment below and let us know! <3 


The Avani Girls 


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