Accessories...The Exclaimation Point of Your Outfit!

Make It or Break It

Accessories… and how to use them!

Belts, hats, jewelry, bags, and even shoes can be used to make a look go from blah to BAM!

You just need to know how to use them. The key is balance. Not too much, and not too little to pull off your desired effect.

Take one of our kimonos for example – want to dress it up? Wear it with your fave matching dress, add a cute belt that compliments it, and pair it off with some simple jewelry and booties for the perfect fall transitional look! Don’t know what kind of booties to get? You can never go wrong with a neutral like white. They go with all the colors and last throughout many seasons. Are you a hat gal? Throw in your favorite fall hat to take it a step further!

You can do the same with a long tunic or dress to take them up a notch as well. As the nights get cooler think about adding a fun jacket or trench coat. You can even add stockings or tights and/or a higher boot to level up your outfit and help keep warm.


How would you style our pieces? Tag us in your next #avaniootd look @avanidelamourofficial to show us what you’ve got – mention our blog and we will even feature your photo!!  


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