8 Ways To Style Contemporary Kimonos

Contemporary kimonos may be inspired by the robes of Japan, but today’s kimonos are anything but traditional. They have a more modern look with added fringe, prints, embroidery, a variety of lengths and fabrics, and more. While contemporary kimonos may give a boho vibe to many outfits, they can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet to fit both your vibe and personality.

Kimonos are the perfect accessory for any day that’s not too hot or too cold, so they are incredibly versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe. Read on to learn more about ways to style your contemporary kimonos.

Pair with Boots and Jeans

If the weather is still a bit cool, grab your favorite pair of jeans, boots, and a midweight shirt or plain sweater. Wear a kimono instead of a cardigan or blazer. An easy change, yet you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Date Night

Be daring and layer a sheer kimono over a sexy strapless dress. You’ll look flirty and fun without showing too much skin. Let the kimono’s colors and design take center stage and keep your jewelry and accessories to a minimum.

Short and Sweet

You may have never thought about wearing a kimono over a pair of shorts in the summer – but it looks great! Grab a cute pair of short shorts, add a plain tank or solid colored t-shirt, and slip on a pair of strappy sandals and you’re good to go.

Long and Lean

Just about every woman dreams of looking a little taller and a little slimmer. Achieve the dream kimono look by wearing a shirt, bottoms, and shoes all in the same solid color for a monochromatic look. Then layer a colorful kimono over the top (the length can be anywhere from mid-thigh to your ankles). You’ve instantly lost ten pounds and gained three inches in height! Keep

It Comfy

If you like to keep your looks low-key, try styling your kimono in a more casual way. Wear it over a loose pair of pants or flowy skirt and top for an effortless look and feel. This look is perfect for a relaxed weekend hanging out with friends, or running errands around town - all while still looking great.

Pair It with Something Edgy

Do you own a leather skirt or pair of pants? Wear a long, floral kimono over the top. The balance of dramatic and edgy leather with soft and flowy will give you a very modern look.

Layers that Intrigue

This time let your kimono be in the background. Wear a solid color kimono over a matching solid top and add a colorful or patterned skirt or trousers. If the kimono’s sleeves or hem has fringe, even better! Add drama and movement without the bulk of a jacket by wearing a lightweight kimono.

Wear It as A Coat

Do you own a kimono made of a heavier weight fabric like brocade or flannel? Wear it as your coat on cool spring or fall days. Belt it like a robe to keep it closed, then remove it once you get to work. It’s a stylish way to show it off!

Kimonos have been around for many years, and will be in style for many more. Whether you dress it up or down, contemporary kimonos will add style and dimension to many outfits. It’s the perfect wardrobe accessory!

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