Don't Get Mad, Get Plaid

We've seen it for ages, but where did it come from?

Fun Fact: “plaid” is not actually this pattern's original name. That honor goes to the word “tartan” which was first used to describe the specific colors and patterns used to decorate the clothes of many different Scottish clans. Although they were known too often to come in the same colors, “plaids” were actually heavy traveling cloaks worn as a defense for the bitter cold brought by Scottish winters.  

Whatever the color and context, plaids seem to never go out of style. Bouncing around from “punk rock” to school girl to “hipster” …who knows what’s next in store for this staple pattern! 

At Avani Del Amour, we see plaid as a pattern as common as a leopard!  You will always find them either in a feminine color, or made more feminine by mixing with a floral print or beautiful floral embroidery.  All of our plaids are a soft brushed cotton, or a lightweight flowy woven viscose.  All of these options are comfortable and stylish options to add this long living pattern into your long term wardrobe.

Check out some of our favorite fall transitional plaid pieces that all have a feminine twist to take the hard edge off of an otherwise utilitarian pattern.

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The Avani Girls 

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