The Holidays are Coming...

Is your closet ready? The world is in a totally different place than it was this time last year, and most of us probably don’t even know what our holiday season is going to look like. That doesn’t mean we can’t still partake in the fun of treating ourselves and loved ones this season! 

For those of us who are still able to go to social gatherings with friends and family, we may want to dress cute without sacrificing the comfort we have become oh so used to these past few months. Good news! With our attention to detail and ultra soft fabrics Avani offers stylish pieces that you can wear without sacrificing comfort. 

Check out our newest arrivals for some yummy fall colors to make your holiday look -- and be sure to leave room for that extra slice of pumpkin pie ;)

Tag us in your holiday #avaniootd look @avanidelamourofficial to show us what you’ve got – mention our blog and we will even feature your photo!! 

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